2017 Exhibitors

Exhibitors are listed alphabetically by first name. If the name is highlighted, the link will direct you to either a Facebook page or an Amazon author page. As we get closer to the event, those that offer a pre-order option will also have a link next to their name.


Abigail Grey

A.D. Saddler

Alora Kate

Amazeballs Book Addicts –  2017 OFFICIAL GLBB SPONSOR

Anjela Renee

Anna Reanult

Becca Vincenza

Bev Davis

CC Dragon

Charles Stern

Christina L. Barr

City and Book

Cover Me, Darling – 2017 OFFICIAL GLBB SPONSOR

D.B. James 

Deedle Miyares

Delphina Henley

Diana Plopa

Donald Levin

Dora Badger

Elisabeth Popolow

Elizabeth Meyette

Ellie Wade

Emily Goodwin

Emma Shade

G.S. Scott

Heather Mullins

Indie Books Gone Wild 

Janet Brown

Jen Cousineau

Jennifer Friess – PREORDER

Jimmy Leonard

Jo Michaels – PREORDER

Kacey Hammell 

Kathy Coopmans

Kelsey Fox

K.L. Roth

KS Adkins

Kyleigh Castronaro

Linda K Sienkiewicz 

Lindee Robinson Photography

Mark Love

Meg Farrell

Melanie Jayne

Melissa Keir – PREORDER

Misty Provencher

M.R. Polish – 2017 GLBB Keynote Speaker

N.J. Ember

Rachael Brownell – 2017 GLBB HOSTESS – PREORDER

Roxbury Books

Sanzaki Kojika

Samantha Cole – PREORDER

Sara Fiorenzo

Sarah Grimm

S.E. Brown

S.E. Summa

SF Benson

SJ Maylee

Skye Falcon

Stacey Rourke – PREORDER

Sylvia Hubbard

Sylvia Stein

Terri George

Tia Silverthorne Bach

Victoria Scott 

Zoe Blake

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