2017 Exhibitors

Exhibitors are listed alphabetically by first name. If the name is highlighted, the link will direct you to either a Facebook page or an Amazon author page. As we get closer to the event, those that offer a pre-order option will also have a link next to their name.


Abigail Grey

A.D. Saddler

Alora Kate – PREORDER

Amazeballs Book Addicts –  2017 OFFICIAL GLBB SPONSOR

Anjela Renee

Anna Reanult

Becca Vincenza

Bev Davis

CC Dragon

Charles Stern

Christina L. Barr

City and Book

Cover Me, Darling – 2017 OFFICIAL GLBB SPONSOR

D.B. James 

Deedle Miyares

Delphina Henley

Donald Levin

Dora Badger

Elisabeth Popolow

Elizabeth Meyette

Ellie Wade

Emily Goodwin

Emma Shade – PREORDER

G.S. Scott

Heather Mullins

Indie Books Gone Wild 

Janet Brown

Jennifer Friess – PREORDER

Jimmy Leonard

Jo Michaels – PREORDER

Kacey Hammell PREORDER

Kathy Coopmans

Kelsey Fox

K.L. Roth

KS Adkins

Kyleigh Castronaro

Linda K Sienkiewicz 

Lindee Robinson Photography

Mark Love

Meg Farrell – PREORDER

Melanie Jayne

Melissa Keir – PREORDER

Misty Provencher – PREORDER

M.R. Polish – 2017 GLBB Keynote Speaker

Rachael Brownell – 2017 GLBB HOSTESS – PREORDER

Sanzaki Kojika – PREORDER

Samantha Cole – PREORDER

Sara Fiorenzo

Sarah Grimm

S.E. Summa


SJ Maylee

Skye Falcon

Stacey Rourke – PREORDER

Sylvia Hubbard

Sylvia Stein – PREORDER

Terri George

Tia Silverthorne Bach – PREORDER

Victoria Scott 

Zoe Blake


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