Refund Policy


NO refunds will be issued for sponsorship items such as ad space or welcome bag insertion as the cost of those items is paid for by your sponsorship. Transferring sponsorship to another exhibitor can be permitted as long as (1) time allows – no later than June 30, 2017 – and (2) Great Lakes Book Bash is directly involved with the transfer. The only other circumstances under which a refund would be allowed for sponsorship is if an exhibitor were to cancel. If that is the case, please refer to the policy below labeled Exhibitor Space.


A full refund is available for 60 days from the purchase date, or until January 1, 2017 (less PayPal fees). Fifty percent (50%) refund is allowed after 60 days or until June 1, 2017. No refunds, transfers or exchanges allowed after June 1, 2017 for any reason. No transferring or selling of table space will be allowed without communicating with Great Lakes Book Bash and any attempt to do so will result in the exhibitor being banned from the event.


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